St. James Knights of Columbus



Knights of Columbus Is the largest fraternal benefits organization in the world. Founded in the United State in 1882 it is named in honor of Father Michael McGivney.


The Knights of Columbus in St. James Parish is a very vital and active ministry providing many services and functions here in the church and the school. They provide a monthly pancake breakfast prepared and served with love by the Knights. They serve a Fish Fry each Friday during Lent. They raised the money and installed the monument in front of church of the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes. They run the annual Tootsie Roll Drive to help support the handicap children, they organize the poster art contest for the school about alcoholism, they help with many activities at the school – such at the fundraisers, the Christmas programs. There are so many more things and ways that the Knights of Columbus provide a truly Christian charitable spirit here at St. James Parish. We are grateful for their presence!

If you would like to know more information on how to join you may call Mr. Ben Negrette, the Grand Knight at 720-260-9078 or visit our website.