St. James Finance Council

The Bishop heads the diocese and appoints a priest as pastor to serve and manage each parish community on his behalf. The pastor is ultimately responsible for all parish finances. Church Law ( Canon 1280 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law ) and diocesan norms recognize the tremendous responsibility given to pastors in the realm of parish finances. assist in monitoring financial reports and the annual budget on an ongoing (at least quarterly) basis; Every parish is to have a parish finance council to assist with the responsible stewardship of resources, and to be of assistance to the pastor (Canon 537).

In some circumstances, parishes administered by the same priest may have one parish finance council that acts on behalf of all the parishes administered to. In that circumstance, it is recommended that the parish finance council reflect the membership of the faithful from the participating parishes. The parish finance council is to adhere to the laws governing the administration of ecclesiastical goods under Canon Law and this Pastoral Handbook. The pastor is to preside over the parish finance council which duties include:

  • assist the pastor in assuring that the financial statements are presented to the parish community (at least annually);
  • assist in the implementation of acceptable internal control practices including reviewing and implementing diocesan policies, and;
  • assist the pastor in evaluating the impact on parish finances and administration of leasing parish properties to an outside organization.

The St. James Finance Council members are:

  • Father José de Jesús García Pedreguera
  • Michael Brooks
  • Kathleen Ruby
  • George Shoemaker
  • Eileen Piper
  • Michael Tognetti
  • Dave Gans.