The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

jesus-good-shepherd-06Dear Brother and Sisters,

Last week we celebrated the Holy Spirit. This week we celebrate the The Trinity, Three Divine Persons in the One God. It is a mystery beyond our comprehension and yet we are invited to understand it just a bit from the Scriptures and from the words of Jesus Himself.

The first reading, from the Book of Proverbs, speaks of Wisdom in such a way as to lead us to understand Wisdom as at least an aspect of God and perhaps even as personal. As with much that comes to us from the Jewish Scriptures, the notion of Wisdom needs meditation and contemplation from us. We moderns often want a textbook rather than to take the time to savor the rich variety of meanings in Holy Scripture. The Holy Trinity is one of those great mysteries of our faith in which we must find ourselves at rest. We can only do this is if we take time to savor and to grasp a bit the connections throughout all of Scripture.

The second reading, from the Letter to the Romans, gives us a reference to God, to the Son and to the Spirit, all in the same reading. We need to take time to understand who God is, who Jesus Christ is and who the Spirit is—as given to us in our Christian Scriptures. If we don’t take time, we will never know the richness of this doctrine and the wonderful gift that we have received in Jesus Christ.

CaptureThe Gospel of John given to us today is another reference to each of the Three Persons of the Trinity and tells us, from the point of Jesus, a bit about the relationship of the Three Persons. First, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus and His role is to help us understand Jesus and live the mystery of Divine Life that Jesus gives to us. Jesus also tells us that all that the Father has is also possessed by Jesus because the Father has given it to Him. The Spirit takes from what is given to Jesus by the Father and gives it to us, declares it to us.

This is an incredibly powerful statement but the wording sometimes leaves us without understanding. From all the Jesus tells us, we know that He, Jesus, loves us with the same love as the Father loves Him. God loves us and wants us to share His life. God does not reject us because of sin. On the contrary, because of sin, Jesus comes to save us. That is an ongoing and present action. So we are invited today to live in a way that reflects this Divine Love in our lives. Let us walk with Jesus because only in Him can we begin to understand, even a little, this immense mystery of God’s love for us.

Father Jesus