Dear Brothers and Sisters,

God wants to gather all of us to Himself. For God we are all His creation and God is determined to share His life with us. So often we forget the love of God. We end up thinking of God as a judge (which He is, for sure) or God as a demanding presence (which He also is) or God as only a Creator who then abandons us (which is totally untrue). This Sunday we are invited to reflect on our own sense of God. Who is God? Who is God in my life? Who is God in my world? We have to remember that for us Christians, all of Scripture is one book and must be read as one document—all of the parts commenting on all of the other parts.

This is an enormous challenge because most of us love the gentle parts, the redeeming parts, the loving parts of Scripture. We don’t want to struggle with the ugly parts, the killing parts, the destructive parts of Scripture. On the other hand, when we take Scripture as a whole, we begin to have an understanding of God that is not one sided and not fundamentalist. We come to meet a God who has created us and who loves us and who agonizes over our lives. Jesus is God and shows every aspect of God in His life among us. We know that many followed Him because of the miracles of healing.

Today we have the miracle of Bartimaeus, the blind man, from the Gospel of Mark. Bartimaeus is very direct with Jesus: Master, I want to see. We also need to ask the Lord to see. We are deceived at times, thinking that we see and understand. Instead we are far too often blind and don’t have the sense to ask to see. Today each one of us can ask: Lord, I want to see! What do I want to see? The presence of God at work in my life. The presence of God in our world. The love that God has for me personally.

The love that God has for His Church and for this world that He has created. That is enough! Have I ever asked to see?

Father Jesus