Jesus_The_Good_Shepherd_Byzantine_IconMy brothers and sisters in Christ,
He withdrew to the mountain alone! Jesus recognizes that the motivation of His followers is not right. They still want an earthly king, someone who will give them all they want. Jesus wants them to recognize how God really works in their lives and to seek the will of God, not miracles and great works.
The first reading today, from the Second Book of Kings, gives us the account of the Prophet Elisha feeding a large number of people with a little food. This helps us understand that God is always at work, not only in the time of Jesus and through Jesus, but always God is at work.
From the Letter to the Ephesians: one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all. This unity is always present in all of history.

The challenge is that our eyes and our ears and our hearts are often closed and do not see the connections and the unity. As we turn to the passage from the Gospel of John which is our Gospel today, we see this wonderful miracle, which John always considers a sign. A sign is meant to point to something else and not to itself. The real danger of miracles is that we can get caught by them, want them, long for them–and not see them as pointing to the Kingdom of God, directing you and me to live in the Kingdom.

When we are hungry, we want real food and not a sign! If we are sick and dying, we want a true miracle and not a sign pointing us to the Kingdom. Faith tells us, however, that signs are actually
more important than the miracle itself. Encountering the presence of the living God in this life is more important than eating or recovering from serious illness. That takes a lot of faith! We could be like some of the saints who would say: I want it all!

So let us ask for all today. Let us ask for the food to feed our hunger and for the miracles for our health and wellbeing. Let us ask most to know the living God and His love for us.

Father Jesus