Jesus_The_Good_Shepherd_Byzantine_IconMy sisters and brothers in Christ,

So clearly today the Lord tells us: I call you! I am calling you! I have called you!

The first reading is from the First Book of Samuel and speaks of the call of Samuel. Samuel at first things that it is Eli calling him. Eli finally understands that there is Someone greater than he who is calling Samuel. Then Eli gives good advice. What a wonderful teaching. So often we stand in the way of the call of others because we don’t understand that God is calling them. We too stand in the way of God speaking to others. We need to have the wisdom of Eli and recognize that God is calling all others and we can be the servants of that call for others or we can stand in the way. It is wisdom that we need. The Gospel brings us to the call of the first followers of Jesus. Andrew is the brother of Simon Peter and he, Andrew, went to find his brother and tell him about this Jesus who had called them. Clearly Andrew does not want to stand in the way of a call to his brother. Rather he wants his brother to meet the person who has called him. Andrew wants to share.
Sharing is another aspect of the call of God in our lives.

Do we really want to share the call we have received? How do we share it? Aren’t we embarrassed to tell others that we follow Jesus? Are we embarrassed to tell others that this following of Jesus demands certain behaviors from us?
We are challenged this Sunday first to recognize that He, the Lord Jesus, is calling us personally.

Then we are challenged to share that call with others.

This is what evangelization is about: telling others the story of our own calling and bring them to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father Jesus