Jesus_The_Good_Shepherd_Byzantine_IconMy sisters and brothers in Christ,
The Prophet Isaiah wants us to hear the word of God: Comfort my people. 

Speak tenderly! This second Sunday of Advent is filled with warmth and with God’s love. It is God who loves us, over and over. All through the history of salvation–that history of God seeking out His chosen people so that He can show His love to all peoples–God is looking for us, for you and for me and for every person who has ever lived. It is not just us who are seeking spiritual truths! No, it is God Himself who is seeking us out to draw us to Himself. 

The Second Letter of Peter tries to reach our hearts by assuring us that according to his promise we await new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells. The hungry and the needy often lack righteousness because they covet what the wealthy have. Yet God assures us over and over that He takes His side with the poor and the needy because we who have don’t share and don’t even care. Into our world comes John the Baptist. The Gospel of Mark today puts in front of us the figure of the Baptist, who preaches so clearly to us the need to repent. Do we repent? Not often! Do we seek the way of the Lord? When it is convenient! The Baptist will cry out to us: Prepare the way of the Lord!

We should always trust in God’s love for us. It is God inviting us to know His love. It is God who tells us that He does not come to condemn us. It is the same God who invites us to repent! Even though we find ourselves too comfortable and not worried about the poor and the needy, that can change. Conversion is not just a nice feeling. Conversion is not just thinking about God. Unless we change and begin to care for the poor and the needy in our actions, we have not yet embraced conversion. We want to follow Jesus as our Lord.

Advent is the time to begin!!

Father Jesus