WordFromOurPastorMy sisters and brothers in Christ,
Jesus invites us to become more aware of the workings of God in all of our life and the events of our life. We should never narrow our vision simply to that which is seen as holy and of God by our Church, by our society or by our friends. God ranscends all. God is present in all. And in this openness, we are still invited to believe that Christ is present in His Church and in the teachings of His Church.
In the first reading today, the Prophet Isaiah speaks of the role of Cyrus as part of God’s plan. Most of the people in the time of Cyrus and Isaiah would not have been thinking that way. For the Chosen People, they were God’s plan and the
other peoples were only in the way. For other cultures, there was a completely different understanding of God or of gods. Yet Isaiah is able to see the hand of God in Cyrus and proclaim that Cyrus is an instrument of God.
The challenge for us today is to see everything that happens as part of God’s design. God is God! All things happen according to His design and plan. Even when we rebel directly against Him, He is able creatively to include our rebellion in His plan and leave us with the possibility of a new good. Even the best of theologians of all traditions have not been able to explain completely how our human free will and God’s will intersect and act on each other.

Faith in God and in Jesus Christ will allow us to see the action of the Holy Spirit in all that happens to us, whether it be, from our  point of view, good or bad.
The challenge of the readings today is to keep our eyes open to the presence of God, to be aware that we can make secular things into religious idols and that we are called to be free and loving, while we serve God in peace.

Father Jesus