CaptureMy sisters and brothers in Christ,
The great commandment! Love of God and love of neighbor. Everything depends on love. All we have to do is hear these words of our Lord to realize that love is at the basis of all of our life–if we want to follow Him.
We humans always find reasons and pretexts not to love one another. That seems to be part of our being. We don’t look for sin but we often avoid the good that we could do. This commandment of love is found also in the Old Testament, the Jewish Scriptures. Jesus makes it clearer to us.
In the Book of Exodus today, we hear some of the early formulations of how to love others and a practical description of the people who should beloved. Widows, orphans and poor people demand particular attention in terms of love. Today we would focus on those who are the outcasts of society: the abusers, the ugly people, those who have personality disorders, etc. Every age has people that it marginalizes.
The Gospel of Matthew today once again generalizes: love God and love your neighbor. We can recall the story of the Good Samaritan to remind us that our neighbor is everyone who is in need in any way. This is a call to universal
love. It is not an invitation to try to figure out those whom we don’t have to love. This is all part of learning how to love. Today, as we hear the Word of God once more, we can commit ourselves to loving others once more and to seeking active ways of love those who cannot follow the way of life that we have received from Jesus. May the Holy Spirit guide us!

Father Jesus