My sisters and brothers in Christ,
How do we correct one another? How do we encourage one another to do what is right? These are not easy themes in families or in religious communities. There is so much presumption today that we must trust one another and not judge one another and thus we should leave each other in peace. We also hear statements such as not to speak about religion or politics with other people, because the result will always be a conflict.

This is the wisdom of the world. Jesus Christ gives us a different wisdom as do the Jewish Scriptures, our Old Testament. This teaching of the Scriptures is clear: if we see our brother or sister in
Christ doing something that is not right, and we do not try to tell them what is right, then we are responsible. This is a really difficult teaching.stopabortionnowb3

The Gospel today, from Saint Matthew, repeats the admonition of the Prophet Ezekiel. It is also clear that if the other person will not listen to us, we should continue to speak the truth and ask others to be part of this witness to the truth.Finally, however, if there is no agreement, we should separate the one who will not listen.

Today, of course, both sides will claim to have the truth. This is why it is important in our Catholic Church that we acknowledge an authority structure. Not everyone who claims to be Catholic is Catholic in this sense. It
should always sadden us when there is division. It should always sadden us when believers will not accept the decisions of the Church. There are always ways to disagree and to continue to challenge what is taught in
order to verify if it is really truth.

Father Jesus