WordFromOurPastorMy sisters and brothers in Christ,

You are the Christ, the Son of the living God! You and I are invited to proclaim this faith in our own hearts. The words are never enough. The belief has to go to the very depths of our being, just as it did in St. Peter. Peter later denies Jesus Christ and is so sad about it. But his heart and his faith was with Jesus.

aptopix-italy-pope-epiphany-2-618x500The first reading is from the Prophet Isaiah and is a description of the Master of the Palace in the time of the Jewish kings and is seen as foreshadowing the role of Saint Peter and the bishops. What is important is that every society, every grouping of people, must have
some authority within it in order for it to function as a society. The ways of expressing authority in our Church have changed over the centuries. That should never surprise us. But there is always an authority in the Church and that is necessary, both at the level of human society but also at the level of being placed there by Christ Himself.
Many people believe that the Church is simply another human religious construct. We believe that the Church is given to us by Christ Himself, that there is authority

in the Church which guides our beliefs. We come back, always, to this personal and deeply important challenge: who do you say that I am?
Each of us must answer that question. It may take us our whole lifetime to do it.
May we finally acknowledge Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God!

Father Jesus