My sisters and brothers in Christ,
HOW HUNGRY ARE YOU? In the readings today we meet both physical and spiritual hunger. For sure we must eat physicalfood to go on
living. We need to understand that real people need to eat and cannot live just on spiritual longings. On the other hand, many
people get so caught up in their physical desires and needs that they effectively block spiritual hunger for long periods of time in
their lives. Some people would even claim never to have had spiritual hunger.
The reading from the Letter to the Romans today assures us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. We can personally choose against that love yet Christ continues to love us.

Many of us spend great parts of our lives choosing against that love, and finally we might recognize a spiritual hunger in ourselves and begin to choose love at least a bit less inconsistently.
Jesus wants to cure us and heal us. Jesus wants to feed us. Even in his days on earth, when He was tired and worn out and discouraged, Jesus still
consistently chose to love us. This teaches us how to love as well and how to feed others. We are expected not just to eat, but to feed others.

So the readings today challenge us to see our own hunger, to begin to work with the hunger that is within us, to seek the Lord. Then we must
open our eyes and our hearts and see the hunger all around us. Then we can begin to walk in the steps of our Lord Jesus and heal and feed others.

Father Jesus