WordFromOurPastorMy sisters and brothers in Christ,
There are some things that we can know only by faith, such as the statement in the Letter to the Romans, which is our second reading
today: We know that all things work for good for those who love God.For those who have no faith, it is impossible to do good in every situation. Even for us with faith, it can be difficult at times, but if we persevere in looking for the good, we always find it.

This is very similar to the story in the Gospel today. If someone finds a hidden treasure in a field, that person will usually try to find a way to obtain it. We all like treasures and most of us would be happy to have more resources to live on. Or if we are collectors of stamps or other types of things, we can get totally involved in acquiring what we lack to complete our collections. Most of us are not fishermen, yet we can understand a large haul of fish, and throwing out those that have no commercial value.
So the question for us today really comes down to this: what is the deepest and most important value in our lives? Do we see God as that value? Do we see value for the Kingdom of God in our lives? Or is it just something that we play at?
We can listen to the story about Solomon in the first reading,
from the First Book of Kings. What gift would we ask of God?
Honestly, there are times when we might ask for many things:
life for another person, enough money for our families, safety for those who travel and so on.
Solomon does not ask for a deeper relationship with God, but for a gift that will help him serve others better. We don’t
have to be pious about this.
Instead, we need to seek that which will help us love others more because in loving others more, we love God.
God invites us to reflect on our lives and on our values today.
God invites us to put our lives in order so that all of our choices reflect His love for us and our love for others. This is
the project of a whole life time and not something that we can achieve and then never worry about again.

Father Jesus