My sisters and brothers in Christ,
Bread and wine. Bread to sustain our lives and wine to give joy to our hearts. Bread because we must live and wine as a symbol of blood and giving up our lives. Bread broken to be shared and wine given in one cup as a sign of our unity.
The symbols that come to mind on this Solemnity are so rich and so varied. This is a late feast and one that, in some ways, repeats Holy Thursday, to remind us again of Jesus giving Himself for us, to remind us that God as Father has cared for His people throughout all of history. We only understand these mysteries in the Spirit, the gift of the Father, the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit who invites us and empowers us to grow
in holiness.

Today, on this great Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord, you and I are invited once more to faith, to believe that Jesus was telling the
truth, to believe that Jesus not only had words that give life, but that He Himself continues to give Himself to us in this Sacrament, which is so holy. The Body and Blood of the Lord are sacred realities given to us so that we can live. The Body and Blood of the Lord are given for love and to help us love.

Let us delight in the Lord! Let us feast with God! Let us adore this presence of Jesus and renew our commitment to Him.
Truly Jesus shows us the Father and gives us the Spirit and asks us to follow Him in trust. Come, let us adore Him.

Father Jesus