Pentecost Sunday

My sisters and brothers in Christ,
Come, Holy Spirit! May the Spirit of our Lord Jesus be with each one of us today and present here as we celebrate the Eucharist! Each one of us and each community can open our minds and hearts to whatever gifts are given, delighting in the presence of the Spirit and rejoicing in the variety of gifts that the Spirit bestows upon us.
We are united in listening to the readings today. The first reading, from the Acts of the Apostles, tells of the amazement of these first followers of Jesus. holyspirit
They could not believe that they could understand one another! They speak different languages and come from all over the then known world–and still they are able to speak to one another and understand one another.
You and I are challenged to learn to understand one another here, even if we speak the same language. You and I are challenged to understand others, even when they speak in foreign tongues. Understanding is never just words. No, it is unity in seeking Christ together with an enormous respect and love for one another.
The Gospel today, from Saint John, is a call to accept one another and to forgive one another when we fail. This forgiveness is a gift to the Church and a gift to each one of us. The Christian community only lives and breathes when there is forgiveness of one another and deep commitment to love one another and respect one another. Such forgiveness always implies that there are norms in every Christian community: norms of personal living and norms of living in community. These early communities were very clear that there are ways of living both at the personal and at the community level which are not acceptable and there are other ways that lead to a deeper life in Jesus Christ.
Come, Holy Spirit! Guide us and guide our communities and guide St. James Catholic Church! Come, Holy Spirit.
Only in you can we have true life! Holy Spirit, continue to give us strength to forgive one another. Give us strength to love one another and
to challenge one another in Christ and in His Church.

May this Spirit continue to give us life and to bring us to the fullness of life! Amen!

Father Jesus