Dear Brothers and Sisters
Once more we come to Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion. We are entering Holy Week. We will recall all of the sufferings and sorrows of our Savior as He willingly accepts death for our sake. Jesus Christ died for us. That means also that He died for me personally. We can sometimes forget this element of a personal relationship of each one of us with the Lord Jesus. Quite often the readings refer to Jesus coming to save His people, Jesus coming so thatwe might have life, Jesus dying for the sake of us all.

Yet in this Holy Week of 2014 we need to experience this deeplypersonal relationship in such a way that each of us can proclaim: Jesus Christ died for me personally so that I might have life forever. This never excludes that Jesus Christ died for all of us, that Jesus Christ died for each of us individually or that Jesus Christ died to bring life to the world. May this Palm Sunday and this Holy Week help us open our hearts and desire the gift of salvation. It can change completely the way we look at the world and the way we relate to the world. Lord Jesus, You have died for me. May I receive your gift of salvation.

Father Jesus