Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Lent is about transfiguration! It is not just our Lord Jesus who becomes transfigured. Rather, all of us can be transfigured if we want the path that He has shone us by His life, death and resurrection .

The Book of Genesis today gives us the beginning of the story of Abraham, our faith in faith. Abraham begins as Abram and hears God
speaking to him, calling him to leave his own country and his people.
Abram is to live for God alone. This never means that Abram will be without other people in his life or that he will not love other people. It only means that God is first and that Abram will try to do God’s will to the best of his ability. This is also what God is asking of you and of me today: leave on an inner journey, go with God, do God’s will not matter how uneasy it may make us.

Saint Paul gives this same advice to Timothy in the second reading today, from the Second Letter to Timothy: He calledus to a holy life, not according to our works but according to his own design and the grace bestowed on us in Christ Jesus.
The secret of any spiritual life is to seek God’s will and then to try to do that will with as much faithfulness as possible.We are humans
and weak and most of us are not saints, but we can keep on trying to do the will of God. Lent is a time to strengthen our resolve by becoming more aware of God’s love for us.

The Gospel of Matthew today gives us an account of the transfiguration of Jesus. No one is really sure what happened to our Lord at the transfiguration. It is as though the divine nature of our Lord cannot be contained and begins to break through. Later in Christian spirituality, it comes to be recognized that this divine nature is also ours by adoption and can also begin to manifest itself in us ifwe strive to be faithful.

Lent is the time of transfiguration for us! We plead with the Lord in this time of Lent to transform us, to transfigure us, to help do His will with joy. At times, we rebel against the Lord and then we plead for His mercy, but always trusting completely in His love and in His will to save us and transform us. Lord, have mercy on us! We are sinners and we trust in you! May your love transform us
Father Jesus