Sixth Week Ordinary Time


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today’s Gospel is filled with wisdom and great teachings. The basic message is clear: Know what you are doing, do good and do it with your whole heart. We are expected to know what God wants of us and to try to do it with our whole being.

Jesus criticizes those who simply argue about things in order to avoid loving one another and treating one another with justice. Jesus is pointing to us that we have the responsibility. It is not a matter of looking at others and seeing how they fail to live up to God’s law. No, it is a matter of seeing the challenged aimed directly at us, at me. I must walk the way of the Lord and seek His will.

The first reading today, from the Book of Sirach, tells us that if you trust in God, you too shall live. This also speaks to this deep and personal relationship that we are invited to live with God. We are not trying to impress anyone else. We are trying to live the love that God has given to us. This has been true  through all ages.

Too often we can begin to think of doing God’s will as simply following directions to do the right things. The readings today are very clear: doing  God’s will is a matter of having a  heart that loves others because we know that we are loved by God Himself. Actions must flow from this deep relationship with the living God.

My sisters and brothers, God wants  us! He wants all of us. He wants every bit of us. This world  will change dramatically the more we give of ourselves. What  is most important in our world is to respond now to the love  that God pours out upon us. Let us walk in the love of God.

Father Jesus